Friday, August 13, 2010

Sun Penang (Malaysian) - Squirrel Hill

Sun Penang
5829 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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Trust me on this one, I grew up eating malaysian food, I know how to cook it and definitely how to eat them. This restaurant serves awesome Malaysian food.

Roti Cenai
My all time favorites for apetizer: Roti Cenai, Roti Telur, Crispy Pork Intestines (of course ....), and Pasembur. The curry sauce that comes with Roti Cenai and Roti Telur is just perfect. It's finger lickin' good all right, don't be shy, it's that good. I don't think Crispy Pork Intestines needs further explanation, just awesome. Pasembur is another variation of those South East Asian peanut sauce dishes like Thai salad with peanut sauce, Gado gado, Pecal, Batagor, etc. It's basically a mixed of veggies and protein (tofu or tempe is commonly used) top with peanut sauce. Come on, you can dip anything in to an awesome peanut sauce and it will taste good, even my husband's stinky rubber shoe sole "probably."

Beef Rendang
For main entre, Beef Rendang is a must! Hot, spicy, tender, just the way I like it. Although their Beef Rendang is slightly different than those you will find in Indonesian Restaurant, they are "Finger Lickin' Awesome," and yes, I have to eat it with my hand, that's the best way to eat Beef Rendang with Rice. The next best entre is Penang Char Kway Teow - stir fried noodles penang style. The minute the server handed me this noodle, I knew it was very authentic, the smell of stir fried bean sprouts with a hint of fish sauce in it reminds me of my childhood memory and just makes me so hungry. I lived in NY for about 5 years and have never come across something like this, so Kudos to you Sun Penang for bringing the awesomeness of Penang to Pittsburgh. One vegetarian entre that I really like is the Malaysian style green bean, it's a spicy dish, but again really good. If you are a vegetarian, the green curry would make a great choice. For those of you fellow spicy food guzzlers, ask the server for the malaysian hot sauce "Sambal" on the side.

No doubt there are huge influence of Chinese cooking in Malaysian food and Sun Penang serves a lot of chinese dishes as well, but I would stick with the Malaysian origin menu. Simply awesome Malaysian food.

Penang Char Kway Teow
Sambal (Terasi)

Roti Telur
Malaysian style green bean

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